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Why do a carport?

First, I must admit that I’m a garage guy. I love garages. They usually have some manly smells of gasoline, WD-40, miscellaneous chemicals, and other testosterone boosting odors. On the down side, those same odors have a tendency to sneak into your living space which is usually separated by a 2×4 space and some drywall. So, here’s my pitch for carports (and detached garages).
#1, Better Indoor Air Quality. By leaving your garage open air you’ve eliminated the possibility of those fumes getting into your house.
#2 Clutter Reduction. I just finished a whole house remodel for a client with a detached garage and they decided to not enclose their carport so the couldn’t junk up the garage and force them to park in the driveway. Crazy, but it actually makes sense. Everytime I see them after they’ve moved in they have both cars parked in the carport.
#3 Double Duty Space. In the rendering you can see how this house I just finished at 3305 Oakmont Blvd has a carport that’s just aching to double as a dance floor for a future party! When you open up the garage door on this house it reveales a completely open side “California Courtyard”. This open and covered space is really nice with our sunny Austin days. Pull the cars out and you’ve got protected space for kids to play, parties to happen, or just a way to catch a glimpse of you uber-cool new Prius.
-Matt Risinger