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Whirlpool’s new Dryer that has NO EXHAUST VENT!

Whirlpool just started shipping their new HybridCare™ Duet Dryer with Heat Pump Technology ( WED99HEDW )

Whirlpool Duet Heat Pump Dryer.  I'm so excited to install one of these!
Whirlpool Duet Heat Pump Dryer. I’m so excited to install one of these!

This is a REALLY Big deal for High Performance Homes in America.  I’ve heard about European models that were ventless, but to have a major US brand come out with one is fantastic!

I see 4 Benefits for a machine like this:

  1. Efficiency!  This new Whirlpool Duet Dryer uses a heat pump to dry the clothes and they claim it’s going to use 73% less energy than a standard electric dryer.  Even if it saves 50% on electricity that’s a big deal.  Especially as I move to more net zero houses where we are basing Solar Power Generation on the expected loads of the house.
  2. Ventless!  In my book this is as important as the electricity efficiency.  A standard dryer when running is pushing 120-150 CFM of air (air that you paid to condition) out of the house.  Anytime we blow air out, we are negatively pressurizing the house so air is going to leak back in at that same rate.  That means that when we run our dyer exhaust we are sucking back into our houses unconditioned air (and any mold/pollen/allergens) through leaks in our envelope.  Not good.  A ventless dryer is a very good step towards better Indoor Air Quality.
  3. Lower Dryer Temps.  This Heat Pump dryer is going to dry clothes at a lower temperature which is easier on your clothes, and should make your laundry feel softer.  It’s also easier on your fabrics.
  4. Maintenance.  I’ve seen many dryer vents over the years that were seriously clogged with lint because they snaked all over the house to get to an outside wall.  This non-venting dryer will eliminate the maintenance of lint in piping and is one less penetration that needs sealed on the house’s envelope.

Visit the Whirlpool website for more info.  I’ll be looking for my next high performance house to use this new dryer, so look for a post-install review later this year.


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and it’s condensing the water out of the air stream so it will have a hose that plugs into our Washer drain.