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Wall Vents (good, bad, & crappy)

Yes, I’m a bit opinionated and quirky but one thing that really bugs me is cheap wall vents. This is the vent that comes out the side of your wall and is connected to your dryer vent or bathroom exhaust fan. Have you seen these cheapo plastic louvered vents (pictured above) before? Let me tell you that the service life of this vent is maybe 10 years (that is if the painters don’t break one while trying to mask it off).
I love seeing a beefy metal vent that will stand the tests of time. Check out these at American Aldes website. They come in galvanized metal, cooper, & stainless steel. This is a vent that will be around for a while, and they do a much better job of shedding water from above! Durable yes, but not too expensive. You just need to think ahead and not try to pick one up from the Orange Box store on your way to the jobsite. -Matt Risinger