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VYCORners PreFabricated Window Sill Corners Review

If you’ve read my blog very long you know that I’m a huge believer in the DuPont Tyvek family of weatherization products.  I’ve used Tyvek exclusively for about 10 years now and I’ve never been let down by performance.  My philosophy is that we only have one chance to weatherproof our houses correctly so we should take as much time selecting materials for weatherproofing as we do for selecting cabinets or countertops.  Water is the #1 enemy of your house’s durability and the small premium I pay for Tyvek branded products is very worth it in my mind.  I my 15 years as a builder/remodeler, I’ve seen way too many failures of windows & doors that lead to rot & mold.

These photo’s above were taken on a very expensive house under construction in Central Austin.  Even the most amateur builder would see that the bottom corners of this window are super vulnerable to leakage.  (that generic flashing tape is terrible too but that’s another post).  The Grace VYCORner preformed plastic sill corner is a perfect application for this incomplete sill flashing you see above.

The photo above is one of the VYCORners.  I’ve done a ton of video’s about my Best Practice methods for installing Tyvek and the Tyvek window flashing products.  This VYCORner is an acceptable alternative to an all Tyvek branded installation.  It’s not my personal best practice but it’s very close and is better than how 99% of the windows are installed in Texas.  Here’s my video from a jobsite the other day showing how the Marvin windows were installed using this product.  -Matt Risinger