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Virtual Show Home Tour – Builder Concept Home 2010

As a National Association of Home Builders member I get the publication “Builder” magazine which seems to mainly be focused on production builders.  Well, as the national economy has slumped over the past two years it’s interesting to see how the magazine has overall shifted towards stories about smaller homes and smarter designs.  A few years ago it was all about the glitzy “big box” homes but that tide nationally is changing.  I came across this link to a virtual home tour that was pretty cool.  It’s called the Builder Concept Home 2010 and here’s the teaser from the site…

The Most Innovative Home Never Built – Take The Tour!

The Builder Concept Home 2010: A Home for the New Economy, exemplifies a dramatic shift in how homes are designed, built, maintained, and lived in. Inexpensive to build, yet classically detailed, It is a model of adaptability, sustainability, and livability for the current housing economy and its future. And, it’s entirely virtual. So what are you waiting for? Go on In!
I love hearing building science expert Mark LaLiberte speak and there’s a video on the site where he carries the “Not so big house” mantle.  This virtual house is under 2000 square feet and reminds me of the 1920’s Sears & Roebuck house I remodeled in Portland OR a few years ago.  It’s worth a few minutes of internet browsing time. -Matt Risinger