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Video: Spray Foam & Insulation Codes

I did a blog post last week on this topic then realized it would make a great video!  So here it is…

Matt Risinger

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  • Another great video Matt! Which brand of spray foam do you use? And why? I got excited the other day when I saw Icynene had a water blown insulation out, but then I realized it was closed cell. Plus I had to wonder where does the water go?? I would be very interested to see what the moisture content on it was versus a normal spray foam once it has been installed.

    • Ryan, I’m not brand loyal on spray foam. I think several manufacturers make good foams. I’m not sure about the water blowing agent in the Icynene it sounds counter-intuitive as most foams are water cured and they don’t want ANY water in the mix/hoses/etc. Sounds intriguing.

  • Hi Matt, thank you for your great blog and videos! What do you think about potential moisture issues when spraying open cell foam at the roof line in climates such as OK? Some have claimed that the moisture from the home in the winter is driven through the foam and collects within the roof deck because it can’t get past the roof paper and shingles. Some feel that a vapor retardant paint should be used in our region over the surface of the foam so moisture can’t get to the roof deck, because there have been reports of roof deck rotting and other issues with open cell foam. Do you think this is bad (too thin) application or something else? I appreciate your time and thanks again for all the great info you post

  • Bobby Roosco

    Spray foam seems a lot easier. I have always used the big pads to insulate the rooms in my home and it wasn’t too bad, but this seems really easy. What kind of material is used in the spray compared to the pads? How long does this product last compared to other products?

  • P. Ryan

    What are your thoughts about insulating a garage during the building process? I live in South Texas, where my current three-car garage gets way too hot. Love to hear your thoughts.

    Keep up the good work!