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Traditional Sanded Hardwood Floors

Nothing says “custom” home more than a sanded/sealed hardwood floor. You almost never see a production builder installing these floors. They always use pre-finished hardwoods because they are less expensive (typically but not always) and they are quick to install. But, I love a traditional hardwood floor. We don’t do them much differently today than we did 80 years ago with the exception being the polyurethane topcoat. Newer technology has produced less toxic and more durable coatings, but the install and sanding process is unchanged. This is a house my company built a few years ago with a Brazilian Cherry floor.

Don’t you love the glassy smooth surface of a site sanded floor? When I lived in Portland Oregon a few years ago my 1920’s house had the original 2″ Oak floors throughout and they looked fantastic 80 years later. If you use 3/4″ thick hardwoods you can easily expect a 100+ lifespan from that floor. And if you decide to it replace someday that floor can be removed and re-used in another house (assuming it was nailed and not glued)! That’s some old school green building in my book. -Matt Risinger

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