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Toto Eco Drake Toilet Review

I’m snobby towards the Japanese.  I think stuff made and engineered there is better. and my Japanese bend has lead me to Toto toilets as my standard go-to toilet brand for the last 15 years.  I’ve loved Toto products and have generally given their toilets my blanket approval.
  Here’s a picture of the Toto Eco Drake that I put in my Master Bath when I remodeled 5 years ago.  It’s a fantastic toilet and has been a super flusher (even though it uses 1.28 Gallons per flush).  This toilet gets the highest rating for flushing volume without clogging that the independent MaP agency gives at over 1000 grams.  I also like that this model because it’s a single fush (not a dual flush) has a larger water spot.  When you open the seat the water in the bowl has a larger area which translates into a cleaner bowl long term.  My opinion is that you always want the Elongated Bowl and the ADA height. 
  If you are considering this toilet I give this model my highest approval.
I also have LOVED the Toto Washlet S300 seat but that’s another blog post for the future. 

-Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes
Austin, TX

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  • Really enjoying your blog. What are your thoughts on one vs. two-piece toilets as well as wax vs. wax-free seals. Thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting. I’ve used both one and two piece toilets with out any issues. In general I like wax seals, they have stood the test of time very well. Best, Matt

  • Marlene McWilliams

    I appreciate your BLOG info. I’m thinking of replacing a toilet because it has a history of overflowing and I’m fed-up with it and it’s unpredictability. It may be as old as the house built around 1980. I like your teaching about the Toto Drake. But my short-legged elderly mother lives here and will use the toilet. The ADA height toilets seem too high for her. I am wondering if the round front Toto Drake flushes just as well? Does the shape of the elongated ADA bowl make less of a chance of the toilet overflowing? Thanks for your advice.

    • Marlene, The toilet bowl shape makes not difference in the flush ability. All the versions of Toto Drake will perform similarly. Hope this helps. I wish you the best, Matt

      • Marlene McWilliams

        Thank you for your reply. I’m still leaning toward getting a Toto Drake. I’m not sure which one yet. Thanks for your help.

        • Marlene McWilliams

          I’m getting closer to purchasing the Toto CST743E round bowl. Now I am wondering if the footprint of the Toto will cover the footprint of the old American Standard Plebe footprint. I have looked at the specs for both, but can’t seem to understand the width of that part of the toilet. The Plebe has kind of a square footprint in the front. I’m wondering if the width of the Toto will cover it.

          I am also wondering if the toilets at local Plumbing stores are better quality than buying online or at Home Depot etc.

          Any advice would be appreciated.

          • Marlene, I’m not sure on the footprint question. Regarding where to buy… I’ve seen cheaper models at the big box stores (with cheaper parts too). I’d stay with a locally owned plumbing supply house. Best, Matt

  • Rich R.

    The links point to a “round” bowl. Do you have a link to an elonigated bowl with a 12 inch rough in?