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Top 10 Dumb Things to do when building in Austin, TX

This post is geared towards my builder buddies out there who are new to Building Science. If you’ve never heard Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation speak, he’s an interesting/opinionated/crude and quite brilliant man. I first heard him speak in Seattle about 6 years ago and he probably swore at least 2x per 5 minutes of speaking. However, crudeness aside, he’s a wealth of information on the science behind building better homes. I found this list of “Top 10 Dumbest Things to do in the South” and it’s a great intro to this hot/humid climate we call home.
I’ve built homes in Washington DC, Portland OR, and now Austin TX and I can tell you that you CAN NOT build the same home in these three climates and have any measure of success. If you don’t own a copy of the climate specific building guides that Joe Lstiburek has published you really need to buy one. I bought mine through the Energy and Environmental Building Association bookstore and I’ll post a review of the guide soon. -Matt Risinger