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Toilet Review – Gerber Dual Flush Pressure Assisted

My in-laws recently remodeled their lake house and when they were looking at toilets I steered them towards dual flush models.  They wanted a “standard” looking toilet rather than the more modern Toto dual flush toilets I used on my remodel a few years ago.  I have a good relationship with the Gerber rep and he’s told me really good things about their relatively new Gerber pressure assisted dual flush toilet.  That’s the toilet you’ll see me reviewing in the video.  The executive summary is that it’s been a fantastic toilet.  The handle looks like an old school handle rather than the two buttons on top of my Toto toilets.  Pressing down like you’ve always done produces a pressure assisted 1.1 gallon flush that works for 99% of what you’ll need to flush.  If you lift up on the handle it’ll go a full 1.6 gallons.  I really think this would have worked perfectly as a single flush 1.1 gallon tank but I’m betting they include the higher flush as mental insurance for people unsure about buying a dual flush toilet.  This is a really powerful flush at 1.1 gallons.  I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a more traditional toilet but wanting to save water overall.  Great product.  -Matt Risinger