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The Science of Comfort & Ultra-Aire’s new SD-12 Dehumidifier

If you’ve followed my blog very long, you’ll know that I’m a big proponent of building Comfortable houses.  As I write that, it strikes me that there aren’t many builders who would dis-agree.  However, I would estimate that most new homes in the Southern US are not particularly comfortable (at least not year-round).  Watch this video as I talk about what it takes to be comfortable in your house, and I give an overview of a revolutionary new whole house dehumidifier that ties into your HVAC system.  The new SD-12 by Ultra-Aire is the newest breed of Dehumidifiers for the hot/humid south.  If you want to read more on this topic, look at this HVAC & Dehumidification Tab on my blog.


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  • James Howison

    Interesting stuff. Do these require ducting around the house or can they combine with mini-splits and ERVs like the Lunos to avoid ducting altogether?

  • Cory Gretlein


    If I have a VRF system that has a dehumidification setting, what purpose does a whole house dehumidifier serve?

    • Cory, I’ve found the the VRF’s handle temperature very well, but not humidity. I still pair a stand-alone Dehum to all my VRF systems.

  • Ray Hamm

    I live in crescent city ca, I have a forced air heater for aprx, 1800 sq,ft, home. I’m considering adding a dehumidifier to the system.
    Temp, in the morning is around 64* and 63% humidity the heater alone brings up temp to our setting of 70* and can get the humidity down to around 55%. What is your thoughts?