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The Best Roof for Texas (or the South)

I’ve been building in Texas for 10 years now, and by far my favorite roof is Metal!  There are so many reasons to like Metal.  In this video I’m up on the roof of a house I’m building with AlterStudio Architecture and I’ll give you my top 3 reasons why Metal is my roof of choice for a new home in Texas (or another hot/humid Southern US State).


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  • Richard

    Your videos are great and informative. I would like to do a metal roof on our house but we’re not sure it’s in our budget. What’s a ballpark estimate per square for this type of roofing?

  • Thomas Goodwin

    Thanks for the great videos. Living in the Houston, TX area, I find your information extremely valuable when working on my home. What are your opinions regarding peel-and-stick, ice and water shield underlayment from companies such as Grace vs underlayment from other companies like GAF or Carlisle? Thanks so much.