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That New House Smell: Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint Review

I had a Realtor open house last week at my 3305 Oakmont Blvd house that I just completed and one of the guests told me the house “lacked that new house smell.” That’s a HUGE complement to me as we strive for the best possible indoor air quality in our homes. As we all know that “new car” or “new house” smell is not good for us. That smell is mainly the VOC’s excaping from paints, carpets, glues, plywoods, etc. So, one of they ways we got rid of that smell was by using a Zero VOC paint in the house. We used Sherwin William Harmony paint and overall had a good experience. The house has flat walls and egg-shell on the trim/doors. The main color is white so it touched up well, but the dark wall in the stairs were tough to touch up. Dark colors really necessitate repainting the entire wall. I think the Harmony line is a good value at around $20ish per gallon. I’m interested to see how it lasts long term and I really need to revisit this review when we come back in a year to do touch up work. One final tip, check out the Mr Clean Magic Eraser before you reach for that touch up brush. I’ve found that alot of scuff marks that we’d regularly send the paints in to touch up are removed by this handy sponge.