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Termite Control without Chemicals

When I started in the construction industry in 1995 the national builder I was working for taught me that Termite control involved dumping 100-200 gallons of termite control chemicals on the ground prior to the concrete crew’s arrival to the jobsite.  Youch!  Now I know better, and for the last 8 years I’ve been using a Stainless Steel physical barrier to termite infestation called Termimesh.  This is a system designed for slab foundations (other foundations need different approaches), that puts a stainless steel collar around areas where Termites find paths from the soil through your slab and into your walls.  Here’s the video to see the process.

 Here’s a picture of the mesh collar prior to install:

And here’s a picture of the installed collar.  With this two pipe setup they custom made a collar onsite since there was little space in between. 

-Matt Risinger Principle of Risinger Homes in Austin, TX.  We are a custom building firm that specializes in Architect driven new homes and whole house remodels.