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Tankless Water Heater Follow Up: $$$$$

Ok, it’s been six months since we installed a Tankless water heater and I thought I might update you on the financials. I just paid my July 2008 Texas Gas bill and it was $18.35! The only sources of gas usage in July was my Tankless waterheater, Gas Whirlpool Duet Dryer, and Kitchen-Aid 5 Burner gas cooktop. I’m absolutely loving my tankless water heater so far. Low bills, unlimited hot water, no tank inside the house (exterior mounted unit), and $18 gas bills. What’s not to like? I’m having trouble steering clients to solar hot water knowing that my tankless heater is so economical and uses no space inside the house. Assuming my gas dryer and cooktop ammounted for $3 of that $18 bill that’s well under $200/year for hot water usage. And they are supposed to last for 20+ years. The only downside is that they are supposed to have a hard water deposit flush once every 2 years. If you had the plumber out to do that maintence it’ll probably cost $100-150 dollars. Not sure if our Austin City Water is bad enough to warrant that service every two years? Might be able to strech that to 3 years? I’ll get back to you on that one…
-Matt Risinger