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Super Flat Walls Using Recycled LSL Studs

  Have you ever visited a house and noticed wavy walls?  It’s especially apparent when raking light comes in from a high window and it’s usually due to 2×4 studs that have twisted or warped.  Studs are a natural product and they do tend to move either prior to installation and even sometimes post installation.  The frame carpenters will cull the bad ones from the batch but sometimes they get installed by accident.
  I’m a big fan of this relatively new product from the good folks at Weyerhaueser.  It’s an iLevel LSL Stud and they come to the job site perfectly straight and flat (and they stay that way).  We’re using them on a Barley & Pfeiffer Architects new home we’re building.  They’re being used in the kitchen, baths, and home office areas.  Those are areas of the house that typically have cabinets & countertops adjoining walls and small waves can be very apparent.  He’s my video from the job site.  -Matt Risinger