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Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier


Have you heard the phrase “What you can’t see matters?”  There are several products & techniques I use that get “buried” inside the house never to be seen again.  The Vapor Barrier under a concrete slab is one of those items.  It’s main purpose is to keep moisture in the soil under you concrete slab from migrating up into the house.  (Remember that concrete is porous and soaks up water like a sponge.)  This is vital because excess moisture in your slab can cause several big issues down the road.  The biggest single issue is probably hardwood floors that get laid directly on top of the slab where this excess moisture causes movement, warping, or buckling over time.  It’s typical to see an inexpensive “poly” used for vapor barrier, but I think this Stego is a MUCH better product for protecting your homes from moisture issues.  In this video I’ll show you how I use 15mil Stego Wrap for my vapor barrier under this Lake front home.  You can find more about this product on their website.

This slab is almost ready for pour. The super-tough 15 mil Stego Wrap really stands up to a busy job site.
The red Stego seam tape is pretty bomber. We tape all the seams, but pipe penetrations get extra treatments.
My concrete guy is using Stego Mastic on the pipe penetrations for extra precaution. This is like a thinned “caulk” that we roll on.
Even with all this rebar the tough Stego Vapor Barrier stands up to the abuse. That’s a steel pile in the center of the beam. See my video for more on the steel piles we used.
The Stego Mastic is complete and dries overnight to form a nice tight vapor barrier seal at my pipe penetrations.


-Matt Risinger

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