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Soundproofing – This detail is vital to control noise!

This one “hole” can sabotage your Sound Proofing project!

Media Rooms, Home Offices, Master Bedrooms, Meditation Rooms, etc.  On almost every home I build or remodel my clients ask me to soundproof at least one room.  If you are considering some Noise Proofing on your project let me give you one tip that must be followed perfectly in order to get the noise reduction you are expecting.  No matter how much Quiet Rock or Green Glue you use on your project the outlets, switches, and holes are the biggest sound transmission path that I see overlooked on projects.  Watch the video above, and then review these steps carefully.

  1. Install an Acoustic Putty Pad to all penetrations to the Drywall.  I like the thick Red pads the best.  They can run about $100 on Amazon for a case of 20 and are much better than the thin ones sold at the Big Box store.
Putty Pads installed on outlets. Notice the staggered 2x4 studs with a 2x6 base plate.
Putty Pads installed on outlets. Notice the staggered 2×4 studs with a 2×6 base plate.

2.  Install Drywall (or QuietRock) as normal but after the outlets are cut out you need to go back and use Acoustic Sealant between the drywall and the box to complete the installation.

Notice the air gaps around the edge of the drywall? This hole must be filled with Acoustic Sealant.
This is an important step. Don’t miss this or your Sound Proofing job will not achieve it’s full intended rating.
That’s it. Acoustic Sealant is done. Install the outlet and cover plate and this hole is sealed up Acoustically! (though I should have probably smoothed it with my finger to make the outlet cover sit flush easily)


I hope this tip helps!  Be sure to see this Playlist of other videos and blog posts on the topic of Soundproofing.


-Matt Risinger

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