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Soundproofing a Master Bedroom wall with Green Glue

  I think that the issues of noise as it relates to our homes is a topic of vital interest and nearly every project I’ve worked on in the last few years has done some type of special sound proofing.  Every time I talk about soundproofing in my video blog it always generates interest so I think we’ll be hearing alot about building quiet homes in the coming few years (not just media rooms either).  I’ve had great success with Quietrock in past projects because it’s an off the shelf project that makes soundproofing relatively simple.  Just swap regular 1/2″ or 5/8″ sheetrock for Quietrock and you will make a huge difference in the STC rating of your wall.  However, I hear two concerns about their product.  #1 availability:  Until recently it had to be purchased from specific drywall supply houses.  #2 Cost:  It’s roughly $40-50 per 4×8 sheet (just materials) so a large wall of soundproofing can be expensive.  Regarding availability, I recently saw it stocked at my local Lowes!  The price was competitive to the supply houses and they carried the accessories.  They had the putty pads for covering outlets (QuietPutty) and tubes of the soundproofing compound (QuietSeal) on the shelf.
  Regarding the cost factor, I wanted to find some alternatives to Quietrock and I found a product called Green Glue.  I ordered a case online and it came to my office in a week.  It’s basically a viscous material that goes between two layers of sheetrock to help minimize sound transmission through the wall cavity.  It’s about 1/2 the installed cost of Quietrock and if installed correctly should yield a similar result.  Here’s a video I took of our soundproofing we did in a new home my company is building in Westlake.  -Matt Risinger

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  • Hi Matt

    I stumbled across your videos on YouTube. Great job and thank you for providing this service! I’m building a house at 3rd & Oltorf with Nick Mehl using GreenTex Builders. Your video on pier and beam foundations helped me tremendously to understand the process. I hope to see you around town maybe at USGBC events.

  • Thanks Leah! I’ve seen some really cool Nick Mehl work so it sounds like you’re in good hands. Be sure to introduce yourself if we’re hanging out at Green Building events. I’m usually in jeans with my black BUILD logo shirt. Matt

  • Hi Matt

    Saw your blog while searching for Green Glue. How did the Green Glue work out for you? Would you use it again? Or would you just stick with Quiet Rock even though it costs more.

    I was also wondering if you could share your drywall installers contact information. I’d be interested in contacting him to see if he’d like to do some drywall installation using the Green Glue. I figure since he’s already used it before, he would be familiar with it.

    I’m putting together a media room and am thinking I’d like to use this product and would like to hear your experiences with it.


  • @Mike: Yes, I really like the Green Glue install. It’s seems to do a very good job and is a lower cost than Quietrock. That being said, it is important to use a knowledgable installer who will READ & FOLLOW the install instructions. If you’re not familiar with the installer (and his skill level) it would be safer to use Quietrock which is more straightforward. Contact me via email and we can discuss Austin drywall subs. -Matt Risinger