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Sound Proofing with Green Glue

  The topic of sound proofing comes up on nearly every BUILD I’m involved with, so this topic tends to get re-hashed a bunch.  I thought I’d post this video I did on Green Glue from 2 years ago again.  I talked to this client recently and the solution show in the video is working perfectly.  They have two pre-teen girls sharing this bedroom with the Master Bedroom on the other side and they’ve yet to have sound issues between these rooms!  The Green Glue is working great!

Here’s a link to it on Amazon so you can see the pricing.  If you buy from this link it it helps to support my blogging habit!

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  • Being that the cellulose is damp-blown, is hidden mold inside the wall a concern, especially here in TX?

    • Paul, Great question. When we blow damp-blown cellulose we always give it 48 hours to dry completely before covering with Drywall. In this sound wall application the possibility for additional moisture was minimal so mold risk is very low. We also used the Cellulose for the exterior walls on this house and again the mold risk is low considering the thought that went into the generous overhangs, and the very detailed Tyvek moisture management system. Any insulation that gets wet in a wall cavity will have a hard time drying and can promote mold growth especially on the back of paper-faced drywall. This is why I’m such a fanatic about our exterior waterproofing details. Did i answer your question sufficiently? Best, Matt

  • Steve

    Hi Matt,

    I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with you so I’m posting here. I’m about to start building my home theater room in the basement. I’ve been on the site looking for information, but I’d like to ping you one time to get your input. I want full sound proofing. My HT is going to be right below the living room and I have wood floors. The basement, of course, is cement on the floor and two walls, the other two walls standing. I’ve been checking out this AcoustiGuard stuff called GenieClips. They look to take up about another 2-3 inches of wall space. My space is limited already and between adding studs on the wall, the GenieClips and 2 layers of 5/8s drywall plus GreenGlue I’m going to be taking up about 6-7 inches away from the concrete wall. What are your thoughts on this stuff and do you have a better idea?