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Rixson Pivot Hinge Review (Model 370 Center Hung)

Hello my hardware geek friends!  Yes indeed it’s time to talk about pivot hinges.  I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about this topic. The model we used on this double pair of custom sized Master Closet doors is the Rixson 370 Center Hung and let me tell you these are top of the line.  Solid, heavy, well built, ball bearings, and they have the price tag that goes along with that quality.  They run about $225 per door for a set of these.  Here’s some photos of the finished product.  Webber+ Studio was the Architect on this project and these are super sexy.  The doors are solid core doors that we veneered with rift sawn pecan after installing the pivots and getting the doors working perfectly.  They have 3/8″ reveals to the floor, ceiling, and sides.  The drywall is flush at the ceiling but we sunk a piece of flush poplar into the drywall so we could cleanly route the top hinge flush with the ceiling.  The hardwood floors were installed and the bottom pivots were routed flush with the floor.  

 I highly recommend these hinges, but you need a good carpenter to pull them off.  Be sure to budget time for a complicated install, this is not a rookie job.  Here’s my video review if you’d like to see them in action.  -Matt Risinger

For more pictures of this completed job visit www.risingerhomes.com
PS>  Please consider buying these Rixson hinges from this Amazon Link.  I get a small percent of your sale price as an Amazon Associate and that helps support my blogging efforts.  You’ll get the same price either way.  I appreciate the support!  Best, Matt