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Rinnai RH180 Video review from IBS 2014

Rinnai came out with this new Hybrid tank/tankless unit a few months ago and I’m predicting this to be a very big seller in the replacement market.  My guess is that 90% of the houses in America have a 50 gallon gas standard tank, and those last between 12-20 years before they need replaced.  This new RH180 model fits all the requirements to replace that standard 50 gallon tank BUT it’ll provide twice the hot water capacity while being very efficient.  Here’s my video from the 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas NV.

For a more in-depth analysis of the RH180 vs a Standard Tank see this blog post I wrote last month.
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  • Yes, it’s time for you to do a service. I’d call Bob Lemons aka Mr Tankless 512-635-8958 His business is installing and servicing tankless water heaters here in Austin, TX. Best, Matt

  • rj

    Good video. I was not clear exactly what technique this unit was using and finally discovered there is a temperature controlled pump pulling water from the bottom of the tank, through the attached “tankless style” gas fired heater and then returns at the middle of the tank.

    This pdf provides a RH180 Introduction. Page 11 has a good chart comparing water temperature in a conventional unit vs this system over time. Page 8 has a warranty disclaimer, pages 9-12 give theory of operation, and p22 has example installations including one where three water heaters are replaced with one.

    In the above pdf, a reference is made to 95% efficient ‘condensing’ water heaters that are similar to 95% condensing furnaces.

    Condensing high efficiency water heaters

    Apparently condensing water heaters are a little more involved as the flue pipe changes to plastic and external air may be added to eliminate traditional make up air infiltration issues. At least one of the condensing units described incorporates an auxiliary coil for solar piping.