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Rheem HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater Post Install Review

  This Rheem HP-50 Heat Pump water heater is a real game changer.  It used to be well understood that electric water heaters were about 2x the annual cost of a gas water heater.  The energy guide on this unit says it uses about $250 in electricity annually for a family of four.  The typical 50 gallon tank gas water heater uses about the same amount of gas annually.  That’s big news for anyone who doesn’t have access to gas and doesn’t want to install a propane tank.  Check out my video of a Rheem HP-50 unit installed in the crawlspace of a Lake house remodel we just completed. 
  -Matt Risinger
If you decide the Rheem HP 50 is the water heater for you, please support my blog by buying yours from this Amazon Link.  Thanks!

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  • I’ve since learned that this Rheem product is made in America and it’s competitor is made in China. Use that information for making an informed decision on a Heat Pump Water Heater purchase.

  • Hi Dude,

    Nice video! The Rheem HP-50 heat pump water heater is a special system which uses electricity to power a condenser that extracts heat from the air pumps into water. A heat pump water heater can cut water heating energy costs by 50% or more, and save even more energy. Thank you…

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