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Radiant Cooling

Check out that cold blue image on the IR Camera from the ceiling radiant panels. Crazy!
These are architectural panels that could be free standing on a ceiling or wall. Tubes are pre-built into the backside.
This is the back of a drywall radiant panel. The tubes are embedded in metal to spread the cold out to a larger surface area.
Here’s the ceiling above where we shot the video. This drywall hasn’t been finished yet but once it’s mudded in you’ll never know these radiant panels are inside. The room could be heated and cooled with NO registers inside the room for a typical forced air system. Architects will like this!

This is indeed a hard concept to wrap our brains around!  Radiant heating is easy.  Just step into the hot afternoon Texas sun and you’ll feel that radiant energy heating you, step into the shade and you are immediately cooler.  But this, this is the opposite of that.  Radiant cooling!  The cold panel sucks the heat off your skin, off the walls, and off the windows.  How does it not condense?  How do you “feel cool”?  Watch this video a few times.  Read their blog post about it.  Listen to their podcast.  This takes time to soak in.