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Quoted In Custom Home Magazine – Termimesh

I was quoted in November 2008’s issue of Custom Home magazine and I thought I’d share the link. I was asked about a favorite product that I use which is under the radar. I shared about my favorite non-toxic termite proofing product called Termi-Mesh and got quoted! The local Termi-Mesh dealer here in Austin, TX is ABC Pest and they are a super outfit. I have used them to install Termi-Mesh on every house I’ve built here in Austin. Compared to the chemical alternatives which are toxic and short-term, this system is by far the best. You still need to inspect annually for termite tunnels on your slab edges, but this stops them cold from coming into unseen areas of your house through slab penetrations.
As a side note, if you’ve never read Custom Home it’s a terrific industry magazine and I highly recommend it to all my builder buddies out there. -Matt Risinger