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Prosoco Base Wall Flashing for Stone or Brick

Brick & Stone are reservoir claddings (fancy word for things that absorb water) and this detail would save American homes from massive damage/rot/mold if builders would adopt this.  I’m specifically talking about flashing that is meant to protect the bottom of the sheathing where the brick/stone lug (the flat part of the foundation meant to carry the weight of the masonry) meets wood framing.  The usual method is a pathetic paper flashing I called out on this video.  Believe it or not, this house is only 6 years old.  The OSB is in terrible shape at the base here and the flashing is a paper product!

Ok, so how do we do this correctly?  See the video of the Prosoco method for a proper Stainless Base Wall Flashing.  This detail could be used regardless of whether we are using the full Prosoco Fluid Applied WRB or not.  In fact, I’m about to use this Prosoco SS flashing detail with a traditional Peel & Stick WRB install on my upcoming #LVLFramed house.  Stay tuned for another full length video of this Prosoco method.



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