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Product Review: EcoTimber HealthyBond Hardwood Flooring Adhesive & Sealer

In my last post I showed that gorgeous photo of the Owens Engineered Unfinished Maple floor that we adhered directly to the slab foundation on a recent project. Well, this is the glue we used! That was my first glue down application for a hardwood and after a ton of research I found lots of positive press on this product. It is made by EcoTimber and has some impressive stats:
– VOC-free, Solvent-free, Xylene-free
– 2 in 1 Adhesive & Concrete Sealer
– LEED Points for Low Emitting Materials
– Contains no hazardous chemicals

Good stats, but the real test is how it preforms. We installed this floor over a year ago and it’s in perfect condition to this day! My installer commented that it didn’t smell like a chemical plant like the usual product he’s used to using. I tracked this down at my local EcoTimber dealer in Austin (Landers Premier Flooring on Burnet Road). It was about 50% more than the standard hardwood flooring adhesive but I think it’s well worth the cost for the improved indoor air quality. For my 12000 sq feet of hardwoods it ran about $650 to use this glue compared to $400 for standard glue. Easy decision. Great Product. -Matt Risinger