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Product Review: Advantech Sub Floor Panel

I would guess that most people don’t have any idea how the floor in their house was constructed, and assume all sub-floor products are the same (plywood, OSB, etc). Well, as you’ve heard me say 1000 times, what you can’t see DOES matter. The finished floor (hardwoods, tile, carpet, whatever) will only be as good as the sub-floor underneath. In the past, I’ve used generic OSB and plywood but since switching to Advantech flooring 3 years ago I’d never go back. This is a premium OSB product that has earned my trust on the job site. It lays flat, comes pre-sanded, takes wet weather without curling or buckling, locks together with tongue & groove, and is extremely strong. It’s not solid veneers like plywood so it has a greener manufactuing story and I’ve found it to be the best sub flooring product on the market. It’s a bit higher priced, but overall very worth the cost difference. I’ve used it in 3/4″ and 1 1/8″ sizes and both are fantastic. Tell your builder you want him to use this on your house! -Matt Risinger