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Preventing Termite Damage

My company does about 50% of our business in whole house renovations/additions and 50% in new construction.  I believe that taking apart Austin’s 25-75 year old houses teaches lessons than can be applied to new builds.  This is one of those lessons.  We hear that termites can do damage to a home but unless you see this happening first hand you are unlikely to take the threat seriously.
  Here’s a 40’s house my company is working on with Architect Nick Deaver.

It had an addition added in the 80’s and we uncovered some serious rot & termite damage doing the selective demolition stage.

When I started in the building industry in 1995 the production builder I worked for used a chemical pre-treatment of the soil around the foundation.  I am sad to say I have no idea what chemicals I ordered to be dumped on the soil but it was probably 50-100 gallons used per house and supposedly kept termites at bay for 10-15 years.  Here’s what I’m recommending for all the homes I build or remodel now:

Here’s the link to the borate treatment in the video ( Timbor ) and our local applicator ABC Pest & sister company Termimesh.