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Pier & Beam Foundation vs. Slab Foundation

If you have a relatively flat lot in Central Texas I’m generally a big fan of concrete slab foundations. Concrete slabs have lots of advantages vs a pier & beam foundation. I like that slabs don’t have water or critter issues underneath them. However, they aren’t easy to remodel as you need a jackhammer to move any plumbing around. Slabs generally aren’t insulated so they can be less efficient than a spray foamed floor on a pier & beam house. This video will explain why Pier & Beam was such a good choice for this sloping waterfront house on Lake Travis. As an example of what we might have done, here’s a photo of a new house under construction a few doors away. That tall concrete slab is going to really absorb the Texas Sun and radiate that heat into the house all day and into the night. Their AC is really going to work overtime to keep the house cool with that extra heat. Plus, think about how much concrete it took to pour that slab! From a Green building and a $$$$Green$$$$ Building perspective that tall slab might not have been the best choice. Talk to your Engineer and Builder about what foundation design is best for your new custom home or remodel. -Matt Risinger