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Perfect Roof Presentation at AIA Austin Summer Conference

I taped my presentation to the local AIA chapter here in Austin and thought you might enjoy seeing my presentation.  Enjoy my geeky friends!


Matt Risinger – Risinger Homes in Austin, TX

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  • Jim Van Overschelde

    I noticed in several of your videos that the spacing of the battens supporting the metal roofing varies in the above-sheathing ventilation (perfect roof). Seems like the spacing of the battens is critical. Have you developed an effective strategy that reduces oil canning when walking on the metal roof? If so, what have you learned?

    • Jim, Good question. First, I try to always use Strairated panels. That’s a panel that’s not flat in the middle and helps to prevent oil canning. Second, use 24ga metal. That thicker metal compared to 26ga makes a big difference. We do sometimes vary the battens to make more support in walk areas like valleys for instance. I’ve really not had any problems with oil canning when using these two strategies. Best, Matt

  • I liked the concept of your presentation. It was awesome experience. I think you have presented your roofing services and products clearly and concisely, Without much mess.