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Panasonics Brand New ERV

Check out Panasonic’s new Intelle-balance 100″ ERV and “Recessed Inlet” that will be showcased at their booth (#3016) this upcoming week in Orlando, FL!


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  • David Lang

    as a layman, 100CFM seems like a pretty trivial volume (bathroom fan volume)

    As I understand it, building codes require something like 3-6 Air Changes per Hour

    100 CFM = 6K CF/hour, for a 10′ cealing (for easy math), that’s 3 ACH for a 200 sq ft space, you’d need lots of these for any real house (and this is ignoring the “only run it for 10 min/hour” functionality).

    are there other ERV systems with dramatically higher volumes, or am I drasticly misunderstanding something here?

  • Donald Endsley

    David you are drastically over estimating the ACH requirement. It’s more like 0.33 ACH (or 1/3 of a complete air change per hour). ASHRAE’s formula puts the Panasonic Intelle-Balance 100″ ERV as being able to meet their ventilation standards for basically a 500 sqft 1 bedroom up to a 2500 sqft 3 bedroom. Assuming it is at a decent price point this is a well sized unit, able to cover almost all uses, because let’s be honest most houses above 2500 sqft 3 bedroom are going to need a second HVAC system.

  • David Lang

    Thanks for the correction, the requirements I was hitting did seem high (especially the drastic impact that going with 10′ or cathedral ceilings instead of 8′ would have). I must have misread the local zoning requirements (they have a requirement that houses built near the freeway must have A/C to provide good indoor air quality)