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Panasonic’s Bargain ERV Review FV-04VE1

 I’ve been building “Tight” houses for about 8 years now, but in the last two years I’ve really been motivated to build super tight homes (see my JLC article on Air Sealing).  Build Tight Ventilate Right is our motto.  The only way to control indoor air quality/humidity/temperature is by avoiding unintended air leakage.  I want my houses to be a Yeti Cooler; tight, super insulated, and hold their temperature for a long time.

  Along that vein it’s very important to bring fresh air into our tight houses using a measured approach. But, in our hot/humid climate there is an energy penalty for this fresh air because it’s typically hotter than indoor air temperature and much of the year it brings in additional humidity. In this video I’ll review a budget priced Energy Recovery Ventilator that does a pretty good job of rejecting some of the humidity (Energy) that comes into the Fresh Air system. This Panasonic ERV removes about 1/3rd of the moisture from the incoming air.

Please consider supporting me by purchasing your Panasonic ERV through Amazon.  I’m an affiliate with Amazon and when you buy through that link you’ll get the same price but I’ll get a small percentage of your purchase.   Thanks!

-Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes in Austin, TX