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Panasonic FV-08VQ5 Bath Fan Review – The Gold Standard

FV-08VQ5 on the ceiling. Nick Deaver Architect. 

I’ve gotten several questions about bath fans lately and I thought I’d do a review of my favorite bath exhaust fan.  I’ve been using this Panasonic FV-08VQ5 model as my standard fan for years now and I really think this is the best fan in the market.

This fan moves 80 CFM, and there are very few cases where you’ll need more CFM’s than 80.  I consider this fan to be the Gold Standard in the marketplace and I specify this fan for 90% of the exhaust fans in the houses I build or remodel.
Here’s the three reasons why I love this fan.

#1 Ultra Quiet.  It’s rated at .3 Sones and that’s about as quiet as it gets for a bath fan.  I would consider anything over 1 Sone to be too noisy.  Ultimately a bath fan won’t be used if it’s too loud and getting rid of the excess moisture created from a steamy shower is important (even more so in our hot/humid Texas climate).

#2 Super Efficient.  This little powerhouse uses only 14.7 watts!  That’s amazing for moving 80 cubic feet of air per minute.  It’s Energy Star rated and it’s one of the most efficient units on the market. 

#3 Durable/Reliable.  I’ve used Panasonic fans exclusively for 12 years now and I’ve yet to have a defective unit or have one need servicing.  These are very well made units and I expect they will go strong for 40-50+ years in the houses I build.

Here’s one in a Master Shower.  Webber+ Studio Architecture.

For the small upgrade price compared to a standard (cheap) bath fan I think this Panasonic is a no-brainer.  Last note, be sure to run this fan for at least 60 minutes after you get out of the shower.  It needs that time to sufficiently exhaust the humidity from your bathroom.  Here’s what I use to make it easy for my clients to run the fan for the proper time.  I specify Leviton 60-30-20-10 countdown timer at all bath fan locations.

I tell my clients to always use the 60 min button after a shower.  20 & 10 are for post-potty business

These are really nice for getting the humidity exhausted without leaving the fan run all day by accident.  The Lutron Countdown timer looks a bit sleeker, but I prefer the Leviton as it’s easier for a guest to understand the function.  
-Matt Risinger
Principal of Risinger Homes in Austin TX
Risinger Homes is a custom builder and whole house remodeling contractor that specializes in Architect driven and fine craftsmanship work. We utilize an in-house carpentry staff and the latest building science research to build dramatically more efficient, healthy and durable homes.
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  • I just bought these exact fans for our remodel and was on-the-fence whether 80CFM would be sufficient. Glad to hear you approve. I also appreciate the link to easy-to-use timers. I knew we needed one, but wasn’t sure what to purchase. Little details like this are helpful to DIY homeowners like me.

    • Amy, Thanks for commenting! That 80CFM model works for 98% of all baths in America, only the largest of bathrooms needs a bigger fan. The countdown timers are critical to ensure the fans run long enough to remove the moisture/humidity. Be sure to run the fan for 60 minutes post showering. Best, Matt

  • Matt,
    Love the site. A friend of mine recently renovated his bathroom (he’s actually a mechanical engineer – noise and vibration specialist) and he opted for the Fantech – he loves it….wondered if you have compared the two? – I don’t know the pricing of the Fantech but I think it is more expensive.

    • Thanks for commenting, I’ve not used the Fantech bath fan but that is a good brand. The FQ80 looks comparable to this Panasonic model. The Fantech shows 25 watts on their website, the Panasonic is 15 watts. I’d also like to get a look at the internals to see how well made they are. Both are pretty close in price. I’d like to see if one has a better backdraft damper than another. Maybe I’ll order one for a future project and do a comparison! Thanks, Matt

  • I like the Panasonic bathroom fan which is really so beneficial. So I want the wide range of bathroom fan of Panasonic at affordable prices so please suggest me. If you need the design of Panasonic bathroom fan with specific features then have go through that.

  • rj

    Is there a good option to replace a combination heater/vent fan? The current unit is a Nutone 9605.

    • rj: I’m not a fan of the NuTone bath fans or heaters, my favorite bath heater fan combo is the Panasonic FV-11VH2. I’ve used these for years with no troubles. They are a pretty cost effective way to provide some supplemental heat to a bathroom without spending a ton of money. Here’s an Amazon link, if you buy from this link I’ll get a small % of your sale which helps support my site. Thanks! Matt