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Owens Corning EnergyComplete Spray Foam Hybrid System

I’m just coming off a week’s vacation so I’m a bit behind on my blog.  My wife gave birth to my third child last week and I had a week at home with the family.  I did however spend a few hours at the ACI Home Performance Conference that was held in Austin last week.  This is my third time attending this conference and they’ve really stepped it up.
  While at the trade show floor I saw the booth from Owens Corning for their new EnergyComplete insulation system and I shot this video. They’ve been advertising this new system alot in my trade journals and I was excited to see the wall section and talk to their reps.  Basically this is a two step insulation system; Step one is a latex based “foam” they spray on all the potential air leak areas of the walls.  This foam is the key to their system and I think really makes this product exciting.  The foam is kind of like a spray-able caulking and is really unique.  In the video you’ll see they sprayed the double top plates, the inside wall cavities, penetrations, and the bottom sill of the wall.  In some respects this probably make more of an airtight house than spray foam.  In the past I’ve relied on glue or caulking in those areas and this system makes a much better seal.  Step two of the system is old school blown in fiberglass insulation.  It’s a great system for a total fill of the wall cavity and insulates well around pipes and wires.  I would guess that this system would come in a bit less than a spray foam job but might give as good or better results in a blower door test.
  My only issue would be how to make a conditioned attic with this system.  I’m moving towards rigid foam on my roof decks then spray foaming in the attic at the roof line for all my houses.  Not sure how I’d do attics with this since I’m not insulating them traditionally (on the flat ceiling plane).
  Very cool system/products.  I’d definitely check this system out for your next insulation project as it has some advantages not seen with other systems.  -Matt Risinger