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New Super Efficient Skylight using Nanogel

I was reading my current month’s issue of the Journal of Light Construction and saw this super cool new product.  It’s an incredibly efficient skylight that’s insulated with Aerogel (used to be called Nanogel).  It’s a product made by Cabot and it’s a translucent gel that has super insulating properties.  It’s not a traditional clear skylight as the light is diffused but with much better insulating properties this could be a very valuable tool.  In our hot/humid Texas climate skylights can really add to the heat load of an AC system AND I’m seeing more and more skylights used for Daylighting and not necessarily for “sky views”.  Here is an example on a FAB Architecture job my company just completed of a diffused skylight.

This master vanity is lit from a skylight above that can’t be viewed directly.  This seems like a perfect choice for an AeroGel insulated skylight (we used a Cardinal Low E 366 double pane Argon fixed skylight for this one).  It looks like only Wasco is making these skylights.  I will definitely want to use one in a future project so look for a future post on this.  -Matt Risinger