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Modern Stairs with Hidden Closet – Construction Video

A well designed & built staircase is the highlight of any house, and this 1930’s remodel is no exception.  I completed this house over a year ago, but forgot to compile all the construction footage!  So, reaching all the way back to 2012 for footage I finally edited this video of the process!  Enjoy!

For more pictures of this house you can visit the website of Architect Hugh Jefferson Randolph, AIA.


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  • James

    This always seems to come up on my projects. How do you handle the code requirements on a stair like this?
    R311.7.8.2 Continuity.
    Handrails for stairways shall be continuous for the full length of the flight, from a point directly above the top riser of the flight to a point directly above the lowest riser of the flight. Handrail ends shall be returned or shall terminate in newel posts or safety terminals. Handrails adjacent to a wall shall have a space of not less than 11/2 inch (38 mm) between the wall and the handrails.

    1. Handrails shall be permitted to be interrupted by a newel post at the turn.
    2. The use of a volute, turnout, starting easing or starting newel shall be allowed over the lowest tread.