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Mitsubishi Mini-Split System Review

I first saw a mini-split HVAC system in a house when I visited Japan in the late 90’s. My friends were stationed there in the Navy and their Japanese house they rented was fascinating for me as a builder. It was brand new and tiny at roughly 1000 sf for a single family home. Each of the rooms had it’s own mini-split head on the wall above the door. I loved that I could control the temperature of my bedroom individually.
It wasn’t until 2005 that I had my first opportunity to install one of these units in a house I was building for a Garage that served as a part-time rock band practice room! Since 2005 I’ve really become a huge fan of the VRF technology that is the heart of these mini-split systems. If this post intrigues you please click on the TOPICS > HVAC link above for a ton more info/video to learn more.
There are several manufacturers of mini-split systems (including Daikin & LG) but for many reasons Mitsubishi is my favorite brand. Join me as I talk with Al D’Andrea from McCullough Heating & Cooling about why we like these systems and where they might solve a problem in your remodel or new build. If you are looking to install one of these units in Austin I highly recommend Al’s company. They have done work for me and I’ve been very impressed with his staff.


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