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Metlund D’Mand Instant Hot Water Circulator S-70T Review

When you turn on the shower in the morning, how long does it take till the water gets hot? It’s almost hard to image how much water we waste each day just waiting for the tap to get hot. If it takes 1 minute for your morning shower to get hot then you just dumped 2.5 gallons down the drain (more if you have an old shower). In my current house, my Master Bath is 75 feet of piping from my Tankless Water Heater. It takes about 1 minute and 10 seconds to flush all the cold water before it’s ready for me to jump in. I hate the waste, but I also hate the waiting naked with my hand in the stream at 6AM! Here’s what I did that I absolutely love, I installed a Metlund D’Mand model S-70T instant circulation pump. Here’s how it works. In the photo below you see my master vanity, look just under that hook and there’s a small white button.

When you hit that button, it triggers the pump below my Master His Sink which cycles water through the hot water piping from the tankless water heater, cycles it back to the cold water lines and then shuts off when it senses the water is hot at the pump. Genius! No more dumping cold water down the drain while waiting for hot! It’s also not washing money by running continuously or on a timer system. Those systems are energy hogs! Check out their website at www.gothotwater.com . This is one of those green building products that everyone loves and is a total no-brainer when you’ve got a long wait for hot water.

The photo above shows the pump in the back of my cabinet. The hardest part of the install is that you need an electrical outlet in your vanity. Easy if you’re remodeling or building new, but a bit more work if it’s a retrofit situation. I’d be willing to bet we save twice as much water with this device than with our High Efficiency Toilets. My wife and I love this system! -Matt Risinger

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