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Marvin vs Marvin Integrity Window Review

My company does about 50% new construction work and 50% whole house remodel work.  As such we get a lot of questions about which window to specify.  There are lots of window brands in the marketplace but we tend to come back to just a few brands.  One of our favorites is Marvin.  They make two lines of windows:  Marvin (full line) is a true wood windows that’s clad with aluminum on the exterior to protect the wood, and Marvin Integrity a fiberglass window that’s clad on the inside with wood to mimic the look of a wood window at a lower cost.  In this video I’ll tour you through a 1940’s house my company is working on with local Architect Nick Deaver.  Overall, we really like Marvin but you will want to choose carefully among their lines of windows to specify the right product for your house.  -Matt Risinger