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Make Up Air for a Commercial Range in a remodeled house

My company mantra is “Build Tight, Ventilate Right”. We strive to air seal our homes as tightly as possible. The idea being that we want to bring fresh air into the house on our terms & when we want it. The alternative is a leaky house that brings in hot/humid pollen filled air 24/7 from any where. If you’ve read my blog we have a fresh air system that regularly brings filtered fresh air into the HVAC system and distributes it throughout the house. Well, this build tight motto works great until you have a commercial gas range that has a high CFM exhaust fan trying to suck out 900 CFM’s of air/smoke when you’re cooking. Remember your science classes air in = air out. Without some sort of make up air these exhaust fans just can’t pull out as much air as they are trying to. The house goes under huge negative air pressure but the minimal air infiltration can’t keep up. The solution is to tie a duct with a damper into the range exhaust hood. In this video we’ll show you how we’ve set up a make up air system for his 36″ DCS Gas Range. -Matt Risinger