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Living Room Before/After

Believe it or not…same living room! This is my personal remodel. The brick fireplace is in the same place for reference. I knocked down the wall on the right that separated this room from the kitchen/dining rooms. The paneling came down, the popcorn ceiling got scraped, and the window/doors were replaced. The paint color is called “Foxy” by Sherwin Williams and it adds a splash of color to that wall. Why did houses of this vintage have such boxy rooms? On the green side of things: we added hardwood floors to reduce allergens being trapped in the carpet fibers, my new ceiling fan (without light kit) really moves the air and reduces the need for a lower A/C temperature, and the Low-E Double paned windows are way more effecient than the old aluminum single pane ones they replaced. The connection with the kitchen is wonderful and it’s a fun space to host a party… hopefully you’ll get an invite for Brisket someday. – Matt Risinger

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