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Leviton Vizia RF Lighting Control Product Review

I’ve been meaning to do a post on my Vizia RF system I put in my remodel last year but am just now getting around to it! Here’s how Leviton describes it: “Vizia RF allows homeowners to control lighting, household appliances and electronics with the touch of a remote. Z-Wave® technology effectively transforms any component – switches, lighting controls, thermostats, appliances and more – into an intelligent device that can be wirelessly controlled and monitored.”
Basically you install a radio frequency (RF) enabled light switch instead of a standard switch and then you can use a controller to turn that switch off/on remotely. I have a pretty standard system in my house where all my exterior lighting is flourescent recessed cans (or CF Flood lights) that are controlled by 3 switches. Those three switches are Vizia RF so my hand held controller is programmed to turn my exterior lights on at Dusk and turn them off at 3AM (no streetlights near my house so it’s way dark). The controller is smart enough to adjust the time for Dusk based on the calendar too! So, right now they go on around 9PM, but in the winter they turn on around 6PM. Very cool! That feature alone is worth the price in my book. It saves money by not using a photocell which would be on all night, and I can change the on/off times to whatever I want (nice for lighting while on vacation). I also have a few pathway lights that are RF capable. I have three controllers in the house that are wall mounted (front door, garage entry, and next to my master bed) that will turn on/off all the RF lights. If I come home at midnight and the house is dark I hit a button by the front door and all my kitchen/hall lights turn on. If my wife hears a noise in the middle of the night one button will turn on all the exterior and interior RF capable lights. Pretty cool! I like it because it’s an energy saver, but I can see a ton of other applications that I’ve not used yet. A basic system is probably $300-600 for a few switches and the controller. An elaborate system could run several thousand. -Matt Risinger