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Laminated Wood Columns

Have you ever needed a really straight/tall 4×4 wood post/column? It’s not as easy as you think to find. Cedar is usually the best & straightest option, but they’re not inexpensive. Pressure treated pine 4×4’s are well priced, but they’re not always straight and they have a tendency to twist and develop cracks over time. I found this terrific product at a BMC West Building Materials fair last year and just got their literature in the mail. Cox Wood Preserving Company makes a single 4×4, 6×6, or 8×8 column out of 4 pressure treated #1 pine 2x’s that makes a fantastic column or post. They come straight and because they’re made from 4 piece of lumber they’ll likely stay that way. They’re also hollow so it gives your electrician an easy chase to run wiring. I think these solve a lot of problems and I’m sure these will go into one of my houses in the next year. Smaller pieces of wood means less lumber harvested AND it’s a superior product. Looks like a winner to me! They are special order from BMC so be sure to allow 10 days to get them to your jobsite. -Matt Risinger