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Jobsite Recycling the Manly Way CHIP IT!

“In the United States, construction and demolition debris (the waste produced in the course of constructing, renovating, and demolishing buildings) accounts for 10 percent to as much as 30 percent of the total municipal waste stream.” Quoted from AEGBP website link. My company has taken steps to reduce that burden on our landfills and the best part is that it even saves my clients money. Now that’s a win-win.
In this video my project manager Eric Rauser is giving the rundown on how we pulverize our wood debris that would otherwise get landfilled! Fred Thornhill here in Austin, TX has a company called Construction Waste Recyclers of Texas and he does an amazing job of reducing the amount of trash that my construction jobs send to the landfill. We pile all the offcuts and small pieces of wood through the framing process and Fred’s crew brings in an awesome machine called the Packer 750 that takes that nail infested pile and turns it into mulch. Check this video out. – Matt Risinger