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It’s getting HOT: via Convection, Conduction, & Radation

  One of my friends who is a salesman for a roofing company called me today to ask me a question about Radiant Barriers.   He wanted my opinion of whether it was worthwhile to use a Radiant Barrier (ie Plywood that’s coated with aluminum foil on one side) on a house where the silver side would be on top of a previous plywood deck.  In order for a Radiant Barrrier to work properly it needs an air space so this application he was talking about wouldn’t do a thing for the house in terms of stopping heat transfer.
  About an hour after I got his message I read this awesome blog post from John Straube about “How Heat Moves Through Buildings”.  If don’t remember the science of heat transfer from your High School science classes this is an excellent article!  As a builder it’s my duty to educate my clients and sub-contractors on the how & why of what we’re doing in the field.  Gone are the days of picking up parts off the shelf of the lumber yard and building a house.  Our homes today are very complicated and builders must be experts on the science behind home building.  John Straube the author of this article and his colleague Joe Lstiburek (of Building Science Corp) have an upcoming class called “Building Science Experts Session” I hope to attend this winter.  -Matt Risinger