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It’s all about the install…

I’ve been a Tyvek fan for years now, but as with any product it’s all about the quality of the install to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth from a product. Check out these photos I took recently from a random builders house. They used Tyvek Homewrap which is an excellent product and has a great reputation, installed some high quality wood windows, used cap staples to fasten the tyvek, BUT… Look at how they installed the windows. They used some 5 mil poly for some type of sill flashing. Horrible detail. They needed to use Tyvek Flexwrap to make some custom sills for these windows. The achilies heel for a weatherproof system is the windows. Windows will eventually leak, not all windows, not every window, but windows do & will leak water sometime in their lifecycle. We MUST treat window & door sills with a pan flashing.
I took these photos a few months ago and I’m betting the house has been completed and the happy homeowners have moved in never knowing that there’s a hidden issue behind their stucco/siding/stone/whatever. They will eventually find this issue, but it might not be for 5-10-30 years. By then there will be serious rot/mold issues with this house. UGH -Matt Risinger