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Is Tyvek worth the Price? Let’s test and find out….

I’ve gotten lots of questions over the years about which Housewrap is best.  My goto brand has been Tyvek but there are of course competitors in this crowded product space.  About three weeks ago, Jen from Florida emailed me to ask what I like Tyvek when the white roll for sale at the Orange Box next to Tyvek is half the price. 

Identical looking rolls of white Housewrap, but vastly different prices.

 Why not buy the cheaper one? 

 We’ve all been in this situation… two identical looking products on the shelf, but different prices.  Which should I choose?  Well, when it comes to housewraps not all are alike, nor will they perform the same.  Have a look at this test that will give you an idea how these two white rolls will perform on YOUR house. 

Best, Matt Risinger

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