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Induction Cooktop : Kitchen Aid & Wolf Review

I’ve put in two Induction Cooktops this past year and I thought I would share my experience.
My first installation was a two burner Wolf unit, and the pictures are from a house I just finished that has a 5 burner Kitchen Aid Induction cooktop. Let me tell you, both clients RAVE about these little babies. They use some kinda magnet/startrek/whoknows technology that heats the pot and not the cooktop surface. The benefit being that the spills don’t get baked onto the surface like the old electric smooth top units, cleanup is super easy. This also is a benefit for you if you have kids in the kitchen who would be less likely to burn their hands on a hot surface. You’ll likely need new pots as these units only work with cookware that a magnet sticks to (Stainless Steel or Cast Iron). But, the real benefit is that they boil water VERY quickly. I did a test with my client and this KA unit boiled a pot of water in under 3 minutes! Supposedly they are more energy efficient too because there is no heat lost that doesn’t go into the pan. Here’s another surprise benefit, they are pretty slim in depth so we were able to put a spice drawer beneath the cooktop. I hear they’ve been using these in Europe for 20+ years with good success. Why was I the last to know? Check out the Wolf website for a cool video on their petite 15″ model.
I’ve been a gas cooking fan for a long time, but my next kitchen will most likely have an Induction Cooktop installed! I highly recommend both the Wolf Induction and the pictured Kitchen Aid 5 Burner Induction Cooktop shown. -Matt Risinger