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HVAC Technology Interview at International Builders Show 2014

Here’s a video I did with Lauren Hunter at the Carrier booth two weeks ago at the 2014 International Builders Show.  I believe that the advent of inverter driven AC compressors will be a technology that all the major HVAC companies will unveil in the coming years.  Carrier calls their variable capacity unit “Green Speed”.  Here’s a link to their site

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  • rj

    I still think the American manufacturers are behind the curve, much like Detroit was 20 years ago. At least they are trying, but reliability and efficiency of American HVAC still has a way to go. When we get integrated systems that include heat, cool, water heating, humidification and ventilation, with purpose built integration, we will have something. This article shows the Germans know how once again . So the Asian Mini-splits are joined with German excellence, both traditionally with quality and value. Sounds like the eighties in the car world.

    • RJ, Yes I totally agree. That example from the car world is a great analogy! I really liked the GBP article on the German trade show. I generally like German engineering and buildings BUT you need to be careful when following these cold climate practices in the HOT/HUMID South. My hope is that my blog will ferret out the good ideas and tweak them to the Southern US needs. I’m afraid there is probably no all-in-one HVAC system for the South anytime soon. Best, Matt